Plant Points Card

Welcome to Plant Points 2.0!


How to get a plant point card: 

  • Click on the free listing for one!
  • Please note, a plant point card will not automatically be added to your order; you must select to add it to your cart.

How to earn plant points:

  • Collect flower shaped "tiny plant" stickers on deco sticker sheets! Available on all deco sticker sheets released in 2022 (one plant point per sheet)

How to redeem points: 

  • Please send me an email with a picture of your completed plant points card! I will email you back with a unique discount code you can apply for 10% off your next purchase and an extra free sticker :)

How is this different from digital plant points?

  • Digital plant points (found at the shop with heart icon at the bottom right of the screen) are accumulated by celebrating birthdays, signing up for an account on my website, and for purchases! 
  • With digital plant points you just have to remember to sign into your account before you checkout your cart and my website will calculate and store the points for you.
  • The physical plant points are accumulated by you for purchasing deco sticker sheets! 
  • If you do both the digital and physical plant points you can earn even more discounts! :)

Do I have to collect plant points?

  • Nope! It's totally optional; I just wanted a fun way to say an extra thank you for those who regularly visit my shop :)